Our garden is open

Spring and summer for us in Tuscany mean sun and the possibility of eating in the open air.

Conclude your experience in the kitchen with Paola tasting outside what you have prepared!


A family experience

Cooking does not mean just preparing dishes. First of all, it means having fun, being together, discovering the world and getting to know new cultures.

For this reason, living your experience with the whole family from Paola is something unforgettable. Your children will enjoy a world to cook, knead, explore the exteriors and the vegetable garden, taste the dishes prepared!


Genuineness and seasonality

I put the products at the center of my kitchen. Each ingredient is carefully chosen, respecting the seasons, to ensure safety and superior taste.

Also for this we will cook with the products of my garden, including saffron, lemon, basil, oregano, mint, chives, olive oil from the olive trees of the garden.