Enjoy our cooking lessons

Info,duration, time

Preferable on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Possible on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday if book in advance.

Morning – suggested in winter period
From 10.00am to 1.00pm Lesson
From 1.00om to 2.30pm lunch

Afternoon – suggested in spring, summer and autumn
From 5.00pm to 8.00pm lesson
From 8.00pm to 9.30pm dinner

Rates can be flexible and are based on the menu chosen and number of people attending the lessons.
Price upon request.
A bottle of Chianti Gallo Nero wine is included as well as still and sparkling water and Espresso coffee.

Classes allow a maximum of 6 participants.
Children are welcome!

Contact me to receive further information or additional details.
My email address is:


Step 1 - Home made appetizers

  • Chickpeas cream with rigatino or shrimp;

  • Bruschetta with tomato and basil;

  • Croutons with stracchino cheese and sausage;

  • Croutons with baked ham and celery;

  • Croutons with mushrooms;

  • Croutons with tuna and butter;

  • Fried seasonal vegetables: Green zucchini, sage, aubergines, artichokes.

eng-bruschetta pomodoro e basilico
Crostini di fegatino

Step 2 - Home made pasta

  • Fresh pasta with season sauce;

  • “Gnudi” (spinach and ricotta cheese balls);

  • Potatoes gnocchi with season sauce;

  • Semolina gnocchi;

  • Ravioli with season sauce;

  • Risotto with saffron;

  • Stuffed rice tomatoes;

  • Spelled with black olives, pachino tomatoes and olive oil;

  • Homemade tagliatelle with truffles


Step 3 - Main courses, meat or fish or vegetarian

  • Rolled veal with fontina cheese and speck with fried slides of celery;

  • Baked pork loin with potatoes;

  • Bones holes with rice;

  • Pork fillet in crust;

  • Florentine tripe or lampredotto;

  • Peposo with steamed potatoes;

  • Squids with potatoes;

  • Rolled green pumpkin omelette stuffed with cheese;

  • Little round shape zucchini stuffed with ricotta cheese;

  • Eggplants balls;

  • Seasonal vegetable flan;

  • Green pumpkin sweet and sour sauce;

  • Fried seasonal vegetables: Green zucchini, sage, aubergines, artichokes

    A green salad with slides of apple, fennel and almonds or tomatoes au gratin, will be served with main course.


Step 4 - Home made cakes

  • Sweet pastries with melted chocolate;

  • Florentine style stuffed crushed cake;

  • Tart with home made jam;

  • Biscuit with coconut flour and almonds;

  • Rolled Chocolate cake;

  • Original Tiramisu with season fruits;

  • Panna cotta with fruits or with chocolate;

  • Homemade tiramisù with coffee or with seasonal fruits;

  • Home made Ice-cream; Peach ice cream; Pistacchio ice cream;

  • Strawberry sorbet;

  • Buontalenti cream