Cooking class,for celiacs

Would you like to take part to a cooking class for celiac? You can do it in Tuscany, region of Chianti to San Casciano Val di Pesa

Enjoy our lessons

Simply register to one of the cooking class at Paola’s home and get tailor made ingredients to enable the celiac to learn how to cook gluten free

Nowadays  intolerance to gluten is an increasingly widespread disease worldwide

It is important to follow a speficic diet eliminating some types of food mantaining gthe variety to ensure the correct intake of vitamins, protein fibers and carbohydrates

Celiacs are not forced to important food renounces, taking patrty to the cooking class Paola will teach you how to cook the gluten free food for excellent lunch and dinner

Paola uses gluten free ingredients such as brown rice flour gluten free bread and gluten free cheese and salami


Taking part to cooking class at Paola’s home, you will learn how to cook gluten free starter:

  • Chickpeas cream with rigatino or shrimp;
  • Bruschetta with tomato and basil;
  • Croutons with  stracchino cheese and sausage;
  • Croutons with baked ham and celery;
  • Croutons with tuna and butter
eng-bruschetta pomodoro e basilico

First dishes

  • Potatoes gnocchi with season sauce;
  • Risotto with saffron;
  • Risotto with seasonal sauce
Gnocchi di patate bicolore 2
eng-gnocchi di patate

Main dishes

  • Rolled veal with fontina cheese and speck with fried slides of celery;
  • Baked pork loin with potatoes;
  • Bones holes with rice;
  • Pork fillet in crust;
  • Florentine tripe or lampredotto;
  • Peposo with steamed potatoes;
  • Rolled green pumpkin omelette stuffed with cheese;
  • Little round shape zucchini stuffed with ricotta cheese;
  • Eggplants balls;
  • Seasonal vegetable flan;
  • Green pumpkin sweet and sour sauce;
  • Green salad with slides of apple, fennel and almonds or tomatoes au gratin, will be served with main course.
Zucchine ripiene di ricotta2


  • Sweet pastries with melted chocolate;
  • Home made Ice-cream;
  • Original Tiramisu with season fruits.

Would you like to take part to a cooking class at Paola’s home?