The cooking courses in Chianti for home made pasta gives you the opportunity to learn how to make and cook pasta

With our lessons in Tuscany you will be able to make pasta with a unique and great taste

You will have the opportunity to learn how to make some of the best Italian recipes, cornerstones of the

our cuisine, loved and appreciated in every area of ​​the world.

Cooking courses in Chianti Classico home made pasta

With the cooking lessons you will be teached to prepare food such as:

 Fresh pasta with seasonal sauce;·

 “Gnudi” (spinach and ricotta cheese balls);·

 Potato gnocchi with seasonal sauce;·

 Semolina dumplings;·

 Home made raviolis·

 Risotto with suffron·

 Stuffed rice tomatoes;·

 Spelled with black olives, cherry tomatoes and olive oil;·

 Homemade tagliatelle with truffles·

Cooking classes in Chianti, let’s learn how to make home made pasta

Our lessons will allow you to learn how to make captivating and highly effective dishes, from

unique and unmistakable flavor.

Through these you will be able to create fabulous lunch and dinner.

And you can also do it at home, because during our lessons we always use tools and

“traditional” and non-professional appliances, just like the ones you have at home.

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