With the cooking class in Chianti for celiac you discover all the techniques to make

dishes specially designed for those who sre gluten intolerant, thanks to the lessons in San Casciano in Val di Pesa, held by our chef Paola.

In this way it will be possible to take part in courses specifically designed to allow those who

suffers from this pathology or who has a friend or family member who is affected by it, to learn how to

cook gluten free food

Cooking courses in Chianti Classico for celiac

During the cooking classes for celiac at Paola’s home you can learn how to cook appetizers:

 Cream of chickpeas with rigatino or with prawns·

 Bruschetta with tomato and basil·

 Croutons with sausage and soft cheese·

 Cooked ham and celery croutons·

 Tuna and butter croutons·

First dishes:

 Potato dumplings·

 Risotto with saffron·

 Risotto with seasonal sauce·

Second courses:

 Meat rolls with fried celery·

 Ossi buchi with rice·

 Crusted pork tenderloin·

 Peposo with steamed potatoes·

 Aubergine rolls with speck·

 Squid with potatoes·

 Zucchini omelette roll, stuffed with cheese·

 Round courgettes stuffed with ricotta·

 Aubergine balls   seasonal vegetable flan seasonal vegetable flan·

 Green salad with slices of apple, fennel and almonds or gratin tomatoes·


 Soft hearted chocolate treats·

Cooking courses in Chianti for those who are intolerant to gluten

The cooking lessons dedicated to gluten-free meal are important to teach you to prepare ad hoc dishes for those suffering of this particular pathology.
An intolerance that affects more and more people who, therefore, must follow a specific diet eliminating certain types of foods.
But at the same time it is always necessary to guarantee our body a wide variety of foods, to ensure the correct supply of vitamins, proteins, fibers and carbohydrates.
Many times those who suffer from celiac disease are forced to make numerous sacrifices at the table.
With our courses we offer the opportunity to learn how to prepare gluten-free lunch and dinner of an unique taste.
During the lessons will use brown rice flour, gluten free bread, cold cuts or
gluten-free cheeses.
Would you like to participate to our courses?
Ask for information on 3397037870 or cookingwithpaolainchianti@gmail.com.
We are waiting for you!